Friday, June 8, 2012

Poetry Friday

I'm terrified of switching the computer on because there are so many poems.

~ Roger McGough ~

Photo by Chris Boland.


  1. I've just taken a walk through your collection of quotes. What fun, and so artfully displayed. I especially love your collage of berries. Beautiful!

  2. HA! This is wonderful...and the very reason I am here instead of working!

  3. Violet, the berry collage is by Robyn Jay. Many people upload their photos on flickr and give them Creative-Commons licenses so that people like me can use them to illustrate their blogs! I put a link at the bottom of the post that will take you to the photo on flickr.

  4. Lol. I love taking an hour every week to surf the web and read poetry. There is a poem for everyone out there.